Why Neon Trifle?

Well, why not Neon Trifle?

Having worked as wedding photographers for many years, both individually and together, we thought we’d try our hand at filming weddings.  How hard can it be?

Quite tough it turns out!  But, hugely rewarding and inspiring in equal measure.

After doing a couple of wedding films we decided we needed a more formal offering for brides and grooms looking for wedding videography in Northamptonshire and beyond.

Not wanting this to be simply attached to our existing photography businesses, we opted for the separate entity you see before you today.  The hardest task was coming up with a new name.

Having both opted for the very clever ‘[insert name] Photography’ for our other business, we wanted something a bit abstract, maybe slightly funky, a bit different to stand out from the crowd.  Additionally, whilst we specialise in wedding videography, we didn’t want be specific to that area as we also tackle other sectors like corporate videos.

So, where better to decide on a name than over booze and curry?  Armed with our wives and four lists of ten random words, we set about choosing our favourites and pairing them up.

As you would expect, Neon Trifle stood out and just clicked with us.  Neon is cool, Trifle is the best dessert in the world ever, fact.  So there you have it!  Neon Trifle Film.  If you need a kick-ass wedding film then get in touch to see if we’re available to film your wedding day.