Barton Hall Wedding Videography – Sarah & Alex

Barton Hall is one of the newest wedding venues in Northamptonshire and is a stunning setting for a relaxed and stylish wedding.

Barton Hall is situated on the outskirts of Kettering. It’s just a stone’s throw away from the famous Wicksteed Park.  In fact, from the beautiful lawn area you can see some of the pleasure rides at the park.

A big selling point of the venue is the beautiful 16th century grade I listed Orangery. Perfectly used for the wedding ceremony. The Orangery is a beautiful space and is bathed in gorgeous light – even on a grey day.  On rainy days it also works really well as the location for drinks receptions.  The main hotel is grade II listed with a modern extension. For wedding days it’s used for the wedding breakfast and the evening reception.

One of the other big benefits of Barton Hall is its big open spaces and lush greenery.  It has mature landscaped gardens and plenty of space for wedding guests to enjoy the afternoon and evening drinks receptions.

Sarah and Alex’s wedding took place at the beginning of autumn.  That time of year often serves up some amazing weather and amazing light during the day, but particularly in the evening. For their wedding film, Sarah & Alex had two videographers / camera operators throughout the day. This ensured plenty of footage was captured at all of the key stages.  This was especially important during the ceremony in the Orangery and during the speeches.

Two videographers also meant that during the drinks receptions everything of interest was captured. From the filming of the formal group photos, guests interacting with each other and enjoying the ice creams provided.

Sarah and Alex didn’t miss a trick when it came to the styling of the reception room.  Lots of lovely vintage detail to be found, including family photos and even a typewriter for guests to write well wishes.

As at any wedding, we tagged along when the photographer took the bride and groom for some romantic portrait time. We hover – not literally or sleazily – in the background just filming the bride and groom being themselves during these special moments. The evening autumnal light was particularly spectacular for us on this occasion.  A little bit of exploring beyond the venue’s car park meant that we found some stunning autumn foliage. Perfect to use as a backdrop to some portraiture filming.

The wedding day was rounded off in style with guests forming a guard of honour with sparklers for Sarah & Alex to walk through. Yay, drunk people with fire! A full-on party atmosphere, courtesy of their DJ, followed.  Then a final surprise to Alex and the rest of the guests. Sarah and her bridesmaids had prepared a dance routine for a little bit of extra entertainment.

Many thanks to Sarah & Alex for inviting us along to film their wedding day – we truly had an enjoyable time.

If you are planning your own wedding at Barton Hall then get in touch to see if we’re available to film your big day.


Why Neon Trifle?

Well, why not Neon Trifle?

Having worked as wedding photographers for many years, both individually and together, we thought we’d try our hand at filming weddings.  How hard can it be?

Quite tough it turns out!  But, hugely rewarding and inspiring in equal measure.

After doing a couple of wedding films we decided we needed a more formal offering for brides and grooms looking for wedding videography in Northamptonshire and beyond.

Not wanting this to be simply attached to our existing photography businesses, we opted for the separate entity you see before you today.  The hardest task was coming up with a new name.

Having both opted for the very clever ‘[insert name] Photography’ for our other business, we wanted something a bit abstract, maybe slightly funky, a bit different to stand out from the crowd.  Additionally, whilst we specialise in wedding videography, we didn’t want be specific to that area as we also tackle other sectors like corporate videos.

So, where better to decide on a name than over booze and curry?  Armed with our wives and four lists of ten random words, we set about choosing our favourites and pairing them up.

As you would expect, Neon Trifle stood out and just clicked with us.  Neon is cool, Trifle is the best dessert in the world ever, fact.  So there you have it!  Neon Trifle Film.  If you need a kick-ass wedding film then get in touch to see if we’re available to film your wedding day.